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order now: 855.932.2228

How It’s Used

For Every Problem, the Golden Solution

Tar Release works on job sites and in and around the home

A concentrated solution of Tar Release can be used with no dilution or pre-diluted solutions can be formed if preferred. Use straight out of the container on the toughest cleaning jobs. Simply pour on rag or spray on surface and wipe clean. For lighter duty jobs, Tar Release can be diluted 1 part Tar Release to 8 parts water. It can be sprayed, pressure washed, mopped, or wiped on the surface. As always with any chemical please take precaution and use the proper protective equipment.

Tar and asphalt covered industrial truck frames and rims

Removes tar and asphalt from truck frames and rims.

Greasy engines, transmissions, and axels

Degreases engines, transmissions, axles and much more. Just spray on, let sit, and power wash off.

Gloved hand wiping away stick substances from hard surface or counter

Cleans tire and scuff marks from floors and baseboards. Simply wipe with a rag and watch marks disappear.

Man power washing tar and asphalt covered road

Use it straight for the toughest jobs or extend its use by diluting in a power washer.

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